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  1. Received mine today thanks, very much appreciated. Very kind of you to send them out. Great message.
  2. 👌 who do you use for wheel refurbishment?
  3. Looking great mate. i’ll happily pay for 4 of those discs please. 2 for now and 2 for when the car is painted.
  4. That looks a nice job 👌
  5. If these are the ones on the outer of the doors then I’ll have them please.
  6. Excellent, look forward to seeing it
  7. Sure thing, you got another corrado Dave?
  8. Cheers for the info on the polishing etc, I’m intending on doing some paint on mine myself as a temporary measure so was thinking if I put plenty of lacquer on I can wet sand and polish it up.
  9. Wow! That paint finish is excellent. Did you spray it with cans or from a gun?
  10. Stunning James, worth the wait. So clean, bet your pleased with it.
  11. Nice, look forward to seeing the updates
  12. 🤣 I never had any issues with the supersprint on motorways or CAT replacements. Mine has had the CAT taken off but will be putting it back when I fit the exhaust
  13. Hi James, I had one of these systems on my blackberry corrado and as Sean says, the quality is outstanding. Also the tail pipe sweeps up and to the side slightly like the original OE one. They do look the part and don’t even remember them droning. Well recommended. goldie has one on his silver VR so he might give you some feedback too. chris
  14. Lovely car mate, I’ve been following your pics on Instagram. its been on some great wheels and especially liked it on the RC’s and CH’s but those S3 alloys really work
  15. Lovely job. Just checked my old photos and my blackberry corrado only has the back bracket, the front looks fabricated by someone.
  16. Really nice corrado this and looks even better from the side Think it was Zak's old VR
  17. Well it arrived yesterday. These are really quality exhausts, shame you don’t see most of it.
  18. New purchase for the corrado, love these exhausts
  19. Updated list: 1 ChrisL 2 Cressa 3 Robrado974 4 VW rule 5 Todge 6 1xshaunx1 7 VR6 South (potentially) 8 Ferny427 9 Corroda 10 Neil20vtc 11 Culshaw 12 Ferarrifeet 13 Dragon green 14 STU175 15 fendervg 16 jonnyHull 17 easypops 18 Erallus 19 James 20 blue95 21 volksworld13 22 spen 23 ger040 24 Keyo 25 g0ldf1ng3r 26 StueyB 27 Krishen 28 Mystic Rado 29 gotvach 30 edd (drivers side) 31 ben_wooduk (drivers side) 32 JamieG60Davison 33 Billzeebub 34 akacheesy 35 34jezr 36 Corrado16ved 37 kingKenny100 38 peacedub 39 kalzter 40 Storm Warning 41 1.8tCorrado 42 pfnsht 43 GUS 44 Timbo 45 Madnick 46 Carrots 47 gianlucavolt 48 ChrisDwyer 49 TimA 50 Duncan 51 1966robbo 52 stereomoe 53 branty 54 LikeaG60 55 Gublonge 56 EmGreenVR6 57 Jamie 57 is a decent amount, I’ll send the list to Classic Parts on Monday and start hassling them again.
  20. Will get the list updated and start pushing VW classic parts again.
  21. Not sure, I can’t see it. If it’s on the wrong way everything still fits back ok. Send me a pic and I can maybe see
  22. Looking good mate, that loon looks neat. make sure that power steering pulley is on the right way round! I made that mistake and the belt squealed like crazy 😂.
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