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  1. Hi Sean, sorry but don’t do the Facebook thing. cheers anyway ta
  2. Hi, does anybody have a contact for somebody on the CCGB committee please? i paid my membership but not heard anything, not even an acknowledgement. cheers Chris
  3. I need some handbrake cables and ABS sensors if you want rid 😉
  4. Such a mint car 🤤 it even looks like the HT leads are fitted with a straight edge 🤣
  5. Love it Sean! Exceptional work, gonna be a mint corrado when it’s back together.
  6. Then we turned out attention to inside
  7. I’ll update the list later and send it to classic parts again with another request.
  8. Can belt??? looks really nice and love the silver. Really good price at the moment but will be interesting to see what it goes for
  9. Looking nice, are you going to paint the cylinder head silver while its out?
  10. So with all outer walls done we had it rendered:
  11. It had a 50mm cavity but no insulation, the damp course was slate so no good, all the bricks in the internal walls where damp so replaced by blocks and proper damp proofing. The front however didn’t have any cavity so we put it back with one. in the 50mm cavity walls we packed with insulation and internally used insulated plaster board to give the same properties as a 100mm cavity. the insulated plasterboard might be good for your walls if you have any more decorating to do. im with you on the gas, our old house didn’t have gas.
  12. It had major damp problems and this was the way to sort it for good. if we’d have knocked it down fully and started again we would have had to go for complete planning permissions again whereas this way we only needed planning for the extension.
  13. The last of the walls where done next, the full front to replace
  14. Can’t see the pics mate? Roof felt on, lats on and partly tiled.
  15. Be interested to see the gravitex when you get it applied Sean. Sounds like your doing a great job under there 👍
  16. With the roof on it was time to knock down and rebuild the external walls and put some insulation in the cavities.
  17. Struck lucky here really, the neighbours are great. One of them didn’t even bat an eyelid when I told him I’d cracked his wall with the digger 😂 thanks Kippy, if your ever running in Hull feel free to pop round, be good to see you.
  18. Cheers guys! It’s took some work. Neighbours are absolutely fantastic, no complaints or anything.
  19. Then the existing roof removed
  20. Good work, think I recognise that dodgy character!
  21. Headlining looks sweet! Need to do mine, is it difficult to get out etc? Need to fix my sunroof at the same time which I’m dreading finding the parts for.
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