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  1. today, white k plate about half 3 on the a610 heading towards ripley derbyshire, i gave a wave but got no response
  2. "cannon2516" spotted parked up on the a6 through Belper Derbyshire yesterday morning, Ian
  3. Great show, came home with a filthy car and sunburn but had a great day out. Nice convoy down with Tom and Mark, congratulations to the concours winners. Ian
  4. Myself, laser mark and purple tom will be travelling down from Derby/Notts in convoy if anyone else wants to join us on the M1? Ian
  5. Welcome, that "kind gent" was me! I dont normally go storming into shops demanding to know who's corrado it is outside but on this occasion i was under the influence of a few pints. Look forward to seeing you around Ian
  6. Lived in Belper since December, but before that was in Chester Green and before that Darley Abbey. Yourself?

  7. where abouts in derby are you?

  8. L94 EPR blackberry VR6 spotted last friday 25th on an industrial estate just outside Sheffield. Had a "corrado club" air-freshener on the interior mirror.
  9. fig 9861 or something similar heading towards coventry this morning about 8ish, blue vr6
  10. How did this turn out in the end??? Hope the garage finally sorted it. Pics would be great, see if it looks as good now as when i owned it? :lol:
  11. Third brake light on mine! Standard 1992 uk registered car. Seller told me when i brought it that it was an "optional extra".SDC10476.JPG[/attachment:2t4n3oeo]
  12. Mines been tucked in the back of my dads garage since 1st october, will be let out on 1st april. :D
  13. Got mine, even the girlfriend likes it! Was a great surprise and has taken pride of place on the shelf! I appreciate all the effort the club put in and for just £10 a year membership wouldn't dare criticise any of you! Keep up the good work and merry christmas to you all :D Ian
  14. K926 VPC seen in Derby city centre on thursday 18th evening :clap:
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