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  1. See photos of the JP pump, they must have changed the housing for both 3 and 4 bar pumps and done away with the screw fixings. This one has markings on the housing for a 4 bar pump according to their website which is the one I ordered. My VDO sender looks like it will fit ok. Just remains to be seen how long it lasts but I will be rebuilding my old housing as a backup.
  2. Crikey that's bad! Had to have another look at the top cap on the one I have just for piece of mind and it's all good. I've ordered the 4 bar JP pump today for delivery tomorrow and like you I'm going get hold of another pump to fit in the spare housing I now have. I'll report back with my findings and some photos so you can make your own mind up on the JP pump. I didn't go with the Lucas pump as it seems too cheap.
  3. That pump is the 3 bar version, the 4 bar version is as per the Heritage site. https://www.jpproducts.uk/products/fuel-pump-with-housing-1h0919651q-1h0919051ah-1h0919651q.html https://www.jpproducts.uk/products/fuel-pump-with-housing-1h0919651p-1001736-1028808-1047280-1h0919051-1h0919051ak-1h0919651k.html
  4. Great, thanks. Do you have a link for the valve?
  5. Cressa, I did see this listing as I know you have suggested Lucas before but it doesn't mention the operating pressure.
  6. Soon after I bought my VDO pump from a seller on ebay a chap called Ian on the Facebook group bought the same item from the same seller. He had exactly the same cracking on the body so sent his back too. He then contacted VDO Birmingham who sent out a pump, this was cracked too and he's returned that one. I queried the item bought from the ebay seller and the best they could say is that maybe the screws had been over-torqued at the factory. The pump housing in my car is fairly old but hasn't suffered from any cracks, see photos, looks to me that the area around the screw mounts has been thickened to prevent cracking, maybe this isn't a VDO housing. Maybe fitting the VDO pump into another housing is the solution? I've looked around for a 4 bar pump that I can fit in my housing but most seem to be 3 bar. Anyway my car is stood doing nothing at the moment so short term I'm going to buy the 4 bar unit from Heritage - https://www.heritagepartscentre.com/uk/1h0919651q-fuel-pump-with-housing-for-g60-and-vr6.html Longer term I may look into using the Walbro pump that I've seen other use and I believe Stealth recommend or they did at some point.
  7. Just checked, no markings on the body but I've no idea if it is the original, car has 133k miles.
  8. I've got my VDO pump off, I'll go check the body for any markings. I bought a new VDO pump a few months back and it had cracks where the screws are, see photo. I sent it back but wish I'd kept it now.
  9. It's proving difficult to find the right pump, bought a VDO recently but the case was cracked so sent it back. The last one bought from Merlin Motorsport died within 6 months due to water in the fuel, my fault for running with old fuel. Not actually running, just in and out the garage while I worked on it. Back to square 1.
  10. I made those radiator brackets. Yeah it's coming along well but slower than I'd like, thanks.
  11. Oh and I do the brackets underneath in stainless too, if you zoom in you can just make them out.
  12. I've been making these for 10+ years. The difference with others is they cut them from polished stainless which is ok but that's it, you won't get a hand polished finish and the edges are raw cut and not polished, there is a big difference. Polishing with mobs is a time consuming process but the end result is far superior. I have done basic unpolished versions for those who are on a smaller budget. The items in my photos have been supplied by myself but were sold to a previous owner of the car, strange that it's come back to me.
  13. No, I had a local bodyshop do the work.
  14. Good luck with the rebuild, garage is fantastic.
  15. One was not fitted, the other was fitted but pretty much in pieces.
  16. Yeah good shout with the bolts, got enough on without more problems.
  17. Reused the fan motor and fans, got to keep an eye on spending.
  18. I've put lots of effort and money in so far and enjoyed working on it, thank you. I need to pick up a radiator cover hopefully with the stickers already attached. Haha yeah I'll be swapping out those bolts, I thought someone might pull me up on those.
  19. Front end was looking very tired, car came with a replacement front panel ready powder coated so off came everything else for blasting and powder coating. The slam panel was corroded in places so had this blasted too, it also needed some steel cutting out and replacing. Repainted it looks great. Sorted some slight corrosion on the battery tray and touched up, pleased with this too. Replaced all the coolant plastics and a couple of rubber hoses off the crack pipe, new thermostat and coolant. Refitted with stainless fixings and some stainless hose clamps. Yep it seems the stainless theme has started again as I did with my last VR. I ended up ordering all sorts of clips and fixings. Fog light harnesses are shot so I'm waiting for parts to make up new. Nearly there now with the front end.
  20. Hello, Anyone know if these are still available? Thanks Dave
  21. Put an order into Classic Parts on 25th, arrived 28th, fantastic service!
  22. Great, will pop an order into Classic Parts. Thanks.
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