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  1. Hi all, They are being worked on, it takes about an hour to do each one, hopefully I should have the next batch ready in a week or so cheers for the interest Steve
  2. I presume it uses the same system as the 24v, Don't forget to fit a clutch switch and the new brake switch The clutch switch sharpens up the response of the throttle when changing gear (stops the revs froms rising)
  3. Thanks Tempest, I went back a few months to find a thread but couldn't see it, I'm almost sure I'm going
  4. I think you're putting the headling in upside down
  5. Just wondering if anyones going to this http://www.vwaction.com/volksfest/ Steve
  6. Hi Mawrick Your messages got through, I was wondering why I got 2 messages from you at a time :thumbleft: As mention in PM I've just sent, I packaged up the ECU last night and will post today Steve
  7. Sorry I've been really busy helping my Dad restore his TR4 (20 year resto and a couple of days away from the MOT I'll PM people tonight
  8. not only R32's, I had a play with a new Golf R let's just say I only knew it was an R when we both slowed down to a stop at a rounabout,not saying I was as quick but I think he was suprised
  9. Just to throw it in there, a 24v converted corrado is a different story, only 10 or so more ponies but loads more low down tourqe I love this site http://www.zeperfs.com/en/match680-4563-2126.htm here we have real data for 3 cars, a standard corrado, a 230 bhp golf and a 3.2 Auidi TT, I included TT as it represents the performance of a 2.8 24v converted corrado, it has more power (250ps compared to 204ps) but it's power to weight is the same (TT 150 ps/ton, 24v corrado 151 ps/ton) although the 24v corrado wont be as quick off the line due to the TT's 4wd, it's the nearest I could get. I'm off to do some more "virtual" racing
  10. if it's alright with you guys, 1 pair each
  11. I'll work out the postage and let you know
  12. Sorry guys, Doesn't look good for the Corrado http://www.zeperfs.com/en/duel680-4563.htm http://www.zeperfs.com/en/match680-4563.htm
  13. Rather you than me Jim, I had a hard time with 20+ people wanting the heater dial backlight kits, P.s if I've not expressed my interest in a pair before, I now have:cheers:
  14. one set or two, postage will be £3.90 2nd class or £4.30 1st clsass
  15. Genuine VW, removed from my previous VR6 Golf
  16. No worries Goldie, postage is £3.90 2nd class or £4.30 1st class, both signed for delivery confirmation, let me know, Steve
  17. Yes,. it worked perfect, it doesn't have the fuel level sender but it's easy to fit your original one,
  18. various parts for sale prices (at the end of each item description)are what I'd like but I'm open to offers Pic 1, Lowered spring plates for VR6, lowers front end by about 12mm. 2 sets at 5pounds a set Pic 2, Golf VR6 springs, a bit softer than Corrado vr6 springs, poss good choice for a valver, 20pounds pics 3 and 4, Full set of KYB gas shocks for Corrado, only 4 months old, 50pounds Pic 4 Original VR6 exhast in very good condition, 40pounds Pic 5 Vr6 injectors, Known to be in good condition as I replaced them with a re-furbished set during a diagnostic procedure and the new injectors made no difference, hence these injectors are good, 30pounds Pic 6 VR6 Cat, 30pounds Pic 7 VR6 Fuel pump, 15pounds Pic 8 VR6 ECU, 35pounds cheers Steve Would prefer pick up (from St.Albans) but will post small items at buyers expense List Date: 6/19/2014 Location: St Albans, United Kingdom For more info, click here to view the original listing: various parts for sale -------------------------------------- On Sale For: ?5.00 (Local Pickup Only) -------------------------------------- Mobile friendly version: various parts for sale Go Mobile: Download the free Panjo iOS app now!
  19. J.C


    I'd clean it up, make sure that the seams are watertight, if the look of it really bugs you, make it look better with fibreglass filler, spray, but whatever you end up doing, spray Waxoil in the sills to stop it corroding from the inside out,
  20. J.C

    Sagging roof liner

    I did mine last year, I tried to re-use the original one once I'd removed all the foam but was impossible due to shrinking, I then used advertised headliner glue, now thats starting to sag, I'm going to redo mine with 3M product as they do quality stuff edit, This has good reviews http://www.woolies-trim.co.uk/p-1554-high-heat-resistant-aerosol-adhesive.aspx
  21. I've excersized this particular demon, I'm in the mood for an engine cover at the moment, will prob change my mind next week, [ATTACH=CONFIG]78930[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]78931[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]78932[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]79045[/ATTACH]
  22. Well, after driving around for a couple of weeks, the JB high heat weld putty started to crack, This putty is supposed to be the best on the market, so the modded manifold has been binned (literaly) [ATTACH=CONFIG]78929[/ATTACH] This little experiment has cost me around £75, A bit disheartened but nothing ventured, nothing gained
  23. J.C

    Cone filters

    Just thought I chip in and say that my 2.8 24v doesn't have the awsome induction sound that the 12v does, the noise dissipates( almost dissapears) around 3000rpm instead of roaring up to redline, I ended up converting the airbox back to stock,
  24. I'll put my hand up for one if you've got a spare Ian
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