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  1. right then - we are just one member missing from the name & addresses despite multiple messages on here & also to the user email so as not to delay any longer im going to send the details over to the maker & explain 1 is a TBC
  2. what engine? have you checked your throttle cable? how does the loud pedal feel underfoot, fairly flowing or stiff?
  3. thanks for todays PM''s 2 people outstanding
  4. PM's sent out to those who have not yet provided name & addresses
  5. im still waiting on a few address info - i can add you to the buy if you would like one/?
  6. g0ldf1ng3r

    Aerial unit

    a long time ago, in my 1.4 SR nova i had a great powered antenna the antenna itself stuck onto the front windscreen behind the rear view mirror & then wired into the feed & the switchable live for power on key ive long thought about putting similar in the VR6 but i rarely listen to the radio or ipod in it. however i have recently got the audio hardware as i want it i have looked at a USB bluetooth dongle which is properly plug & play to connect to the sony head unit in there at the moment as i could then connect my phone & use spotify - i guess that would be a simple way to achieve DAB too as could just play the stations through the phone
  7. thanks to everyone who has sent me their info 10 are in & 5 to go 🙂
  8. right then guys & gals ive been off work so a little late with this buy im going to now close the buy at 15 required could all those on the final list pls PM me with your full names & postal addresses once all received i will collate & send of to Zak thanks everyone
  9. i wouldnt worry about it then m8 & id hedge my bets it is an old stat as i say my 16v is the same, the stat is fine but the dash gauge always sits around 70 the VR6 dash gauge however sits at 90 & i know it was replaced with a new stat when it had a head rebuild. prior to that work the gauge would sit at 70 ive been told that VW engineered the stats this way to reduce calls from general public about low temps
  10. it could well be that it just has a very old thermostat in it old stats would always sit at 70 whereas a more modern stat is designed to sit at 90 by the engineers do you have any overheating issues?
  11. sorry m8 - only just seen this, will add you now
  12. good find m8 fastest owned - probably my modified VR but i think my modified & half stripped R53 supercharged mini would give it a run for its money. they both produce noise induced grins time after time! fastest ive been in - a few contenders; the nissan GTR i drove was crazy but then my old boss took me out in his modded porsche GT3, which covered ground so quickly it was incredible most interesting is a tough one - i still remember a ride in a 308 ferrari when i was about 10, had some great times in my uncles VW camper van but id go with my dads porsche 911 3.0 SC targa
  13. i removed both headlights to fit the loom as the OE connectors make it difficult to get through the gaps with them in place yes that channel on the LHS of the battery tray is where the factory cables ran & was enough room to fit the loom there too the clip on the wing behind the headlight is to hold the yellow dim dip connector but that needs disconnecting & taping up when fitting the loom i also found that by running the main wires in that channel made the negative battery lead quite neat
  14. hi hassan when i ran my new loom in the VR i managed to run it underneath the battery alongside where the other wiring runs in that area this also allowed me just enough cable to stick the relays to the front of the washer bottle reservoir i did take a couple of pics but they are not the easiest to work out
  15. updated list: MJA Tigerfish Ger040 *2 TimA Bfstrachan mnmv12 StormyTommy kenny vr671 Tim A G60 YH Keyo Corrado16ved 1xShaunx1 JJBRADO currently at 15 required
  16. updated list: MJA Tigerfish Ger040 *2 TimA Bfstrachan mnmv12 StormyTommy kenny vr671 Tim A G60 YH Keyo Corrado16ved which takes us above the minimum number as we have hit 13 If it is ok with all participant i will leave this buy open until friday 26th Feb & then close so as to progress 🙂
  17. hi shaun apologies for delay the price for the last run of looms with the addition of the OE connectors came in around £83 ish i havent checked if connectors etc have gone up but will try to do so this week i would hope a new run of looms would come in around the same
  18. welcome to the forum these would only be available from a second hand source im afriad - been NLA at VW for many years now dont expect them to be cheap though
  19. update: MJA Tigerfish Ger040 *2 TimA Bfstrachan mnmv12 StormyTommy kenny vr671 just one more needed to hit the target people
  20. i think wheel weight will add another factor AFAIK the speedlines are a fairly light wheel, IIRC around 7 to 8kg without tyres therefore putting a big heavy wheel on will not only cause crashy ride issues but also have an effect on the steering & feedback i believe Superturismo's are a lightweight wheel
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