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  1. I use instagram but not facebook. Instagram is great for pics but useless for technical assistance. There is so much information on this forum to lose it.
  2. If you can text or WhatsApp me on 07816919833 please?
  3. Do you have any European spec ones still?
  4. As title, anybody got some they want to part with? Chris
  5. What else you got? Can’t see the first page!
  6. Always going to happen. Plans at the moment are to give it a good clean as it’s been hidden away for the past 9 years. It need a few parts so just work through it. I’d post pics if I could work out how to.....
  7. Yeah shame about the mk1 but the Corrado is great. It’s great thanks Ian, cheers for viewing it for me.
  8. Well it had to happen! Over the past 12 months we have been rebuilding our new house with a view to moving in by Christmas this year. Although it looks like this is going to happen, the garage isn’t going to be ready so the mk1 has to go. This has now made way for a new toy.... a 1995 Moonlight Blue VR6. I’ve bought it as a useable project so as soon as I can upload pictures i’ll Post some up. It’s great being back in a Corrado.
  9. ChrisL

    Aerial .

    Can you buy the whole aerial still including base and gasket or are they the same as newer golfs?
  10. As above, can anyone message me OSV’s contact number please?
  11. That’s me you can see at the side of the photo! Taken at bruntingthorpe, great weekend that was.
  12. Excellent thanks Guys, really much appreciated and would be willing to pay any fuel bills etc. I will keep you informed if that's OK? The seller said he would be able to hold the car if needed so a week or 2 maybe fine. Chris
  13. Ha ha, I couldn’t possibly say.
  14. A friend has seen a Corrado for sale but it’s a 8hr round trip from up here and wondered if anyone local would be willing to view?
  15. Nice, you buy Goldie’s old red one from eBay?
  16. I’m continuing the rebuild of our new house.
  17. Wow really? just shows the house price difference up here. You can buy the Dinitrol 447 in aerosol but it only comes in black. it can be painted though.
  18. Yes, it was 447 super protect. I’ve used around 12 tins! It’s supposed to be like the original VW stuff but it’s no as rubbery. Apparently the VW stuff is available but can’t remember where I’ve seen it. It’s applied with a Shultz fun, nice and simple. How is the Corrado coming along?
  19. Cheers Sean, the stone chip is by dinitrol, can’t remember the number. I did ask for a mk7 Golf in there but the architect has a GTR
  20. Cheers! Progress is slow but it is booked in for paint in February so pretty exciting. The house is in the same area, the new one is a 2 bed detached bungalow but we have planning permission for an extension to make it a 4 bed. Also, because the garden is so big I can get a big garage, these are the plans for the garage:
  21. Then onto the Dinitrol stone chip stuff. Pretty much up to date, progress has been slow as we have bought a new house that pretty much needs a complete rebuild!
  22. Then a bit of masking before applying the seam sealer
  23. Got the polyester sanded and into high build.
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