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  1. Good Luck and looks like it might be in the same keepers hands. Facebook should show up results if they are there. Sometimes though the cars get broken and the last keeper doesn't get updated/the car doesn't get declared as scrapped. I understand the sentimental attachment to the car but just to offer some rationality from someone who has renovated a corrado, luckily one that was pretty complete: these cars are not straight forward renovations if parts are missing. Loads of things are obsolete from VW and pricey on the second hand market. Factor that in with costly bodywork and potential engine work and you could be in deep in quickly. There are lots of cars around that have had the renovation works so might be a better bet if L33 VWS is in a poor state. Failing that try and pick up your own breaker car if you need lots of parts.
  2. I'm using ready mixed G13. I understand you should use deionised water so just bought the ready mixed stuff as it was going to be a lot of volume of liquid delivered either way so went premixed for that reason.
  3. _Matt_

    Rear silencer

    I don't think Kwik Fit will be able to sort it off the shelf. Probably best getting a statinless cat back system. Resonated means it has the same number of boxes as stock (on a Corrado) and will be quietier. Non resonated will have less silencer boxes and will be louder. Jetex and Miltek are off the shelf new parts but you could try breakers such as the Corrado Graveyard in Hertfordshire or go to a custom exhaust making place and get something personal (maybe the same as OEM if that's what you fancy).
  4. 30 miles done today no clonks or noises. Perhaps it was a combination of bad tracking, loose front cross member bolt and new inner and outer track rods. Car is driving excellent after tracking, something I have not experienced since April since it has been apart so much. And that was just tracking rather than alignment. Definitely gelled with it again on the drive today. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  5. Haha yes it is madness my Mum has a VW Up as well and for a tiny car it is big vs the Corrado.
  6. _Matt_

    dash speakers

    That sounds like a better idea oneohtwo re keeping a couple of tabs if you can drop the speaker in, i'll grab a pic of what I'm against on mine as well for you.
  7. Cheers chaps! I took the car for just a £30 tracking jobby at my local garage and sadly it did clonk on the way. However post tracking it feels much better and hasn't clonked yet. Admittedly it's only done 2 miles max. It was well out of tracking alignment though the struts still need a laser camber jobby to be 100%. I feel like the noise is coming from the front passenger area but tbh it could be anywhere. I don't feel it in the steering wheel or in the seat. However what was great this AM is behind the garage i went to (had good reviews from the local community and very local) is a vw audi master tech setting up self employed who worked on these cars and mk3/mk4 when at the dealer, he also spent time working at an air cooled place too. He doesn't do private work generally but we got introduced and chatting and he will take a look in a few weeks if it is still happening and said he'll help me with my cars too. I had lots of car related compliments which has picked up the mood up. Plan is to just use the thing and monitor. I don't think it is unsafe as it's been on a MOT shacker machine and drives tightly. The mechanic took it out today post tracking for example and no issues found. RE copper slip - i do use that on bolts such as the ones that go into the wishbones, outer track rods and these ones that also hold on the bumper. I also used it on the stub axle bolts on the other cars as they are a right pain to get out and are also a very very tight fit to get in as well.
  8. Have found something in this area - passenger side outer 17mm bolts that hold the bumper and cross member to the car were loose, not finger loose but also a long way from being torqued up (85nm). The driver side were at the correct torque. This will highly likely by my error as i did remove the bumper last year and remember just using my socket wrench to tighten thinking I was just holding the bumper on, but can now see these are structural bolts. The smaller 13mm was fine at 25nm. I also checked the other 17mm holding rad support to chassis and both sides needed a little bit more to tighten. On a side point I thought the bolts and framing were in great condition considering never been powdercoated etc. My car has always had the air duct installed on the lower bumper perhaps that is the reason why - my mk2 and mk3 frames needed blasing and coating and the bolts required Irwins to get them off.
  9. Keyo suggested a good shout actually- front crossmember/rad support bushes or bolts. I havent touched them but also haven't checked their torque (anyone know what they should be?). I have had the bumper off in the past. The car has a vibratechnics front mount. I do not feel this in the steering wheel. I am loathed to change the rear engine mounts they are brand new looking still. No rocking on engine either. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  10. Update in this comedy sketch. Inner/outer track rods did not solve it. It did it driving forward off the drive this time. Will have to wait until 20th now as that's when it is booked into a local 80/90s bosch specialist garage. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  11. If you do end up buying from Insta or Europe only do PayPal Goods and Services and offer to add the fee so they don't miss out and as a goodwill gesture to accomodate your requirements. If they so no then not worth the risk. Yeah I see it from the sellers point of view that you might fraudulently claim as well but that's just a price of selling a valuable item imo and surely if the item is well described, photographed to high detail and the package insured and sent appropriately there should be little room for the buyer to mess about.
  12. _Matt_

    dash speakers

    I found the alpine speaker on its own with the additional ring was slighly too big for the hole, adding the ring made things worse. I managed to push the speak in someway but it isn't flush. I'm back to the drawing board. If I woke up tomorrow with an endless supply of money I'd buy these and probably disconnect the dash speakers. Maybe there is some man maths in there by not buying more dash speakers that those door pads seem cheaper... or not.
  13. yep that's mine. For me if the enoyment starts to dwindle I'm ready to tap out... I don't mind the bills (to a point and would like a decent gap between big ones). That said when I go and look at it I do like it still as a thing to look at. Cars booked in at a local 80/90s (and k jet) specialist on 20th so we'll see how it all pans out.
  14. You're right James. I have actually listed it for sale (after fixing the issue, wouldn't sell it with issue) and at the price it is almost only 50% of what i have spent including buying. I didn't think i'd ever sell it when I started out. Perhaps things will change post wheel alignment and the car is back in good shape. But now we're going into winter and I won't use the car again. I paid for a 3 or 4 week ad on autotrader and will let it run, that said I know it is not the right time to sell a toy such as the corrado. The corrado is pretty well sorted in many ways - top end rebuild, 263 cams, new brake lines, new fuel lines, new paint (windows out), new calipers, new bushes/suspension, the floor pan and underbody has also been renovated. My only regret is I did not powdercoat the frames as did not know about it back then so would have to do a winter project to do that one day. I've also got a mk3 16v and a mk2 16v, mk3 has also had a lot of restoritive work (powdercoat frames, bushes, suspension, all body kit has been off and a few areas of welding. It is red and needs paint due to lacquer peel on roof and bonnet to finish). Mk2 is a few steps behind the mk3. Perhaps naively I thought my Corrado was 90% there and i could use it whilst working on others but this year it has been a bugger chasing that noise, slowed me down heavily on the other cars and I just think where will it ever end. But that thought process is coming from a down in the dumps place. I had planned to sell mk3 eventually as that is a more "investor friendly" car with low miles and they are getting some momentum on prices these days.
  15. _Matt_

    dash speakers

    Very good question. Mine are too tight a fit to fully seat in the dash, I refuse to cut the dash and one left side rattles so I am now considering other options. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  16. Thanks Fla. A shame as the trackrods prior are only 3 years old/less than 5k. I've left the clips off the ends so I dont end up in the same place come new alignment. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  17. Wow quite an update! Kieran Rado and his data makes for great reading and analysis. Sounds like you've had a bad old time with it but got there in the end. I've had a crap year with mine and positively hate the thing these days. Assuming I fixed it I may get enthusiasm back. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  18. Well, an update. I went to have to car aligned this week thinking it was just that causing my issue. The garage said the track rods did not seem right for the car and there was some dodgy-ness with the gaitors. I cant be sure it wasn't them that caused this or the people who aligned it back in April, however as I understand it the cable ties (ideally proper clips but nk space to install when sub frame on car) should have been removed for the alignment otherwise the boot just twists with the track rod arm. The gaitors were hanging off the rack on one side so perhaps my inner track rod joint had failed causing the clonk. No movement at 9 and 3 on the wheel though. Anyway I went ahead and changed the inner and and outer track rods today and will get it aligned next week. Fingers crossed it solves the issue. There is nothing else left to change now. I did make special effort to ensure the little tube that runs from each side seated nicely in the gaitor. Not a fun job with limited space. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  19. Yup :( could keep the bit you cut out to weld back in if you get rid I guess. Not a huge issue either way but for me it would upset me to see something cut out. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  20. Good stuff always good to have a spare. If you get stuck post up or message me happy to help. Once you get the cap off you'll see it - there is a spring and rod in there as well but it's no different to a spring loaded pen.
  21. I did that job and did a guide in my car's thread however the photos went missing with the forum. I use a stanley knife to cut the seal which allowed me to get at the circuit board. My solder joints were dry so i cleaned them up and applied new solder. Push it back together with some waterproof sealent and it's be fine for about 4 years. Alternatively Vince will do it if you post to him for I guess £50 but that was 4 years ago so probably £300 today with inflation 😄
  22. I'm with you there. Cars booked in to solve the clonk and a wheel alignment. They are a tough sell the Corrados so suspect I will be waiting weeks for my financial loss to materialise. A shame but I prefer my mk2 16v (wash your mouth out on this forum) and was wowed by one in the same spec at Silverstone in the paddock so will focus there instead. I actually prefer my mk3 16v as well but will be getting rid of that and hoping to try out a different brand and sports car next time. Midlife vw crisis ending (lol probably true). Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  23. Nice one Dox and good luck getting it out on the road. Nice colour too. I'm attempting to sell mine ... on autotrader etc.
  24. There is part 2. This car is a love hate relationship but it does look pretty sweet as in the video in my eyes. Messaged Vince yesterday when I got back from Silverstone about the issue and ringing next week to book in and he said check the gearbox mount. He's great for getting back to me on a Sunday. Car is annoying me right now and since April. Can't get an alignment until solved and can't push it for fear of it falling apart. It was nice to have keyo in my rear view mirror yesterday enroute to Silverstone - these cars have such presence on the road but must admit an oak green mk2 16v stole the show in my eyes on the day... a car I have waiting in the wings once mk3 16v finished and this white corrado not demanding such attention. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  25. OK I've done another test with the chocks (will be uploaded in about 40min). Didnt do it though. Wish I could get it on video. Will try again after taking it for a longer drive. I will have a look at the exhaust again. Stealth did push it back a bit back in April as it was hitting the beam. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
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