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  1. Well the BM are £55 just seems a little to cheap to be any good and I have generally had bad experiences with pattern parts
  2. Well I may risk a second hand one on eBay
  3. Hey, i have had a leak on the vr6 exhaust manifold leading to a bit of a blow, not unpleasant but could be effecting performance. Now i have noted a couple of things the mating surfaces for the gaskets on the cast iron are not perfect and quite rough in places, so could this be an issue? Also the two flexi pipe that connect into one are leaking air, i have just taped the ends up and then pumped air in to check for leaks and these are causing quite a leak so would these be an issue or is this normal on exhaust manifolds. I have looked at new ones but they are £800 from germany or you can get aftermarket jobs made by BM for £ 55 unsure if these are any good? Any input appreciated. Cheers Ben
  4. Yep adjusted the nut on the pedal all sorted
  5. i Didn’t notice but that is a good shout will have another look in the morning.
  6. How did you get on with this? I have removed the servo then refitted and bled the brakes and found the brake pedal kisses the pedal light sensor but needs another 5mm to switch off the break lights. Is it figure 19 that you have to adjust? http://www.oemepc.com/vw/part_single/catalog/vw/markt/RDW/modell/COR/year/1994/drive_standart/76/hg_ug/614/subcategory/116020/part_id/3688223/lang/e
  7. Any ideas as to why my second stage isn’t switching on? I have checked the wiring, done the checks and bridged the pins on the plugs 1st and 3rd come on, I have done a current check and I’m getting no voltage when I bridge the terminals for the second stage. Scratching my head here.
  8. Would any one have the part number to a 3 stage fan? or possibly check under there bonnet for me, i have just received what i was told is a 3 stage fan from an online supplier but the 4th pin is missing and they aint being to helpful, the fan i bought is a hella 8EW 009 144-541, my old fan is a bosch but the part number has rubbed off.
  9. Ok, i have tidied up and repaired the loom after removing it i have every thing back in apart from the black plug with the thick red wire which i can't work out where it goes, im not sure if its directly into the back of the fuse box or if there is a wire with the connecting plug hanging around somewhere but i can't see it, any ideas?
  10. Well i have bridged the pins and stage 1 is there but not 2, i replaced the module as a couple of diodes had fallen off inside but still no joy, i have removed the loom and have found breaks which are now repaired i will fit it soon and see if i have any luck with it, i was just a little unsure if there was also the speeds built into the fan but im guessing than is controlled by the current so it can't be the fan at fault.
  11. I have had an issue with the 2nd stage not coming on, I have replaced the fan control module with no luck and have now removed the loom to check for any damage. My question is would the actual fan have a fault where by the second stage has stopped working and the fan has the speeds built into it and the fan module is just a sort of switch or is the fan speed controlled by the module?
  12. Yo, I’m after a radiator fan loom for a vr6 with the 3 pin plug being triangular for the later 3 stage switch, needs to be in good condition but mainly with no breaks near to the plug. Cheers Ben
  13. What would you want individualy for the cams and the big valve head? and also postage.
  14. how much are you wanting for the heater controls?
  15. Sorry just seen this, no i haven't, the water temp has been playing up lately but now seems to hover around 90 again, the oil temp on the other hand has done the same and has been averaging around the 100 mark but occasionally shoots back up to 160, i was driving just last week at 160'c and within a mile it dropped to 118'c and i can't see the oil cooling that quickly, i think its definitely a wiring issue I'm planning on replacing the looms and go from there but will update when i have some news.
  16. Just been sent a video and looked it up pretty cool even if hill climbs ain’t your thing. https://m.youtube.com/results?search_query=michael+emsenhuber+corrado&sp=CAASAggA
  17. A while back i removed the ARB and noticed i had two right hand track rod ends which i purchased from heritage which ended up with me replacing a couple of gaiters due to rubbing from being in the wrong position, i also installed the Arg upside down which left me scratching my head, it was all sorted before i drove the car again, but maybe worth double checking on yours.
  18. Any one know the part number for the other half of the engine loom that connects to the ecu? Found it! Partnumber: 536 971 072 BK
  19. Really, where from? i found one for sale with matching part numbers but the picture for it was just two cables.
  20. Hi, would you have the centre console that hold the heater controls and also a vr6 obd1 engine looms? price?
  21. Seen a green vr6 parked up on callow hill only got a quick glance but looked smart.
  22. One of flavoured green on the mini round about in rudloe corsham, not sure on the model.
  23. Vw may have some still, I bought a pair about 5 years ago for the bargain price of £96
  24. Its probably VW/German logic at play here Dragon green corrado's have a paint code of LC6P but at some point mid 90's, Emerald Green was used on the Mk3 Golf but with the same paint code as Dragon Green. I think helios blue was originally a mk2 golf colour so I'm guessing in your case the paint shop has gone from the 1st one they came acrosss and no doubt Vw have changed the shade depending on the vehicle it was applied to. I didn't realise this until i had some work done and the body shop pointed it out which was lucky.
  25. Been a while, i have just replaced the fuel pressure regulator on the end of the fuel bar and hey presto after a couple of cranks the relay clicked and we have life. now for the next gremlins that show themselves.
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