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  1. Blue Corrado maybe a storm only got a glimpse coming on to the slip road from castle Combe heading towards Chippenham.
  2. Dark rado on the bath road heading toward old sodbury yesterday evening just coming off of the roundabout .
  3. I get people at work with no consideration for others all the time, to the point where i will have them moving seats and tables where they block the front door of the pub or a fire exit allowing no one else entry and when asked to move its as if i have inconvenienced them.
  4. I suspect at least £10K less than what is being asked, I'm surprised a car with a 4 digit mileage didn't get noticed by any one on here first time around I'm always skimming through classifieds and didn't spot it.
  5. Just went past a Black G reg G60 parked up in old Sodbury near Yate.
  6. Ok I have found a couple of good sites that sell male and female connectors, I'm now left wondering what amp wire should be used when replacing any of the old and corroded wiring?
  7. https://www.autoelectrical.parts/product-category/wiring-accessories/multiple-connectors-including-superseal-deutsch/econoseal-junior-power-packard-timer-connectors/ well i found this site, although i think all the locating grooves are different on the car but all the ones are the same on this site,
  8. Oh and any ideas on a tool for dismantling the old plugs from the connectors.
  9. I'm looking for somewhere that sells the original plugs and connectors for all the different sorts of looms, I can buy more modern types on eBay but would like to stick with the original style plugs, any one know where I can get hold of them? Also any idea in the part numbers as I can't find any on any diagrams that I have seen. Cheers
  10. The metal gaskets need a good surface to mate with so it's a good idea to get the head skimmed and apply copper spray to the gasket before fitting, this is what I done to mine and I'm on 4K miles so far and no issues.
  11. Here you go Jake just in case it's been so long you have forgotten how to navigate the forum! http://the-corrado.net/forumdisplay.php?57-Cars-for-Sale-Corrado
  12. I'm still here, don't think I could leave even if I wanted to! Hope your new job is going well could do with a change of scenery myself.
  13. I have a pair of them and no complaints.
  14. Just fitted the Land Rover clip and it seems to be working, I won't deny the fact that more persuasion was needed than the standard clip but they seem to do the job.
  15. Stitches ain't good hope he's ok and you can make it in good time, I'm in family camping right by the road on the left as you come in,I will be floating around the grounds and hopefully bump into a few of you later.
  16. 1st time around everything was done bar the guides including new valves so I can safely say the guides made a difference, £40 for the guides it's not horrendous if the head is off already
  17. When I had the head off of my engine for the second time I had new valve guides put in and it made a massive difference, the chap showed me the amount of play in the guides and it was not huge but enough for the valves to move about when running and I guess make a clatter as they are not seating properly.
  18. Heading down to Santa pod next Friday for what I consider the highlight of the year , rather air cooled heavy but a great show I will be floating about so give me a shout if anyone is going also I believe ed38 is on not to far away if that's your thing.
  19. Received the cable last Saturday and really pleased with it, I did manage to get the end clip caught and it pinged off somewhere into the void so have ordered a couple of these and hope they do the job. Cheers Ben http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/LAND-ROVER-DEFENDER-90-110-130-BONNET-RELEASE-CABLE-SLAM-PANEL-CLIP-13H489L-/271594202781?nav=SEARCH
  20. I'm going to need one of these if you have some left, could you send a PM. Cheers Ben
  21. I had this with my local kwik fit and they said they couldn't do the camber, couldn't understand this so I drove to auto speed across town and they sorted it, what's strange is that auto speed are now part of kwik fit and share an inventory on tyres.
  22. I voted to stay mainly because I felt that although leaving has its positives nobody has any sort of plan t execute this monumental scheme, I actually feel quite gutted that both sides presented a very poor case for their campaigns and really the whole mentality of it all was no better than a trump rally! I work for wetherspoons and frankly I'm disgusted in the way Tim Martin used our pubs to promote his agenda of leaving, also the fact that it bent the ears of how shall we say more impressionable human beings who's main focus is making Britain white again and feel the polls have taken their jobs that they don't actually want. I just hope that a plan is put into action and we make the most of the decision the country has made, we will never know what could of been and will just have to keep moving forward regardless of how the vote turned out
  23. Damn missed it will take this if sale fall through will pay asking price.
  24. I considered this before from what o have read and weighing up the cost of a ported head you may as well go the whole hog and have enlarged valves also
  25. Quick update have cleaned all the loom connections and used some wd40 on them which has steadied the temp fluctuations. Today I have put an Earth on to the temp sensor which has some how left me with the Mfa reading 160c, the temp sender wire was badly corroded so that's going to get replaced next.
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