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  1. Replaced the crank sensor and still no joy, the Rev counter occasionally moves a little when cranking, I have checked the spark again and the Sparks don't seem to follow a regular pattern as you would expect from the fireing order.
  2. It definitely turns the engine just no combustion
  3. The vr has suddenly stopped starting picked it up from a wheel alignment drove it to work left it for 30 minutes then just wouldn't start, I have fuel and a spark but the engine won't burst into life. Every now and again I get a short pop from the exhaust also to not the Rev counter doesn't move when trying to start apart from the odd occasion where you get a quick blip, any ideas? Have also just replaced the crank sensor.
  4. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vr6-Turbo-Engine-And-Setup-Kit-02a-Lsd-/191673722914?&_trksid=p2056016.l4276 hows this?
  5. I have given up being civil on eBay, just raise case for a refund I normally find the sellers move rather quickly when you do this.
  6. Just got it sorted someone (not me for once) had swapped the black plug with the plug for the intake manifold sensor.
  7. Just spott d from the top of a double decker bus a blue rado on a drive just before the dual carriage way into bath.
  8. I'm going to have to give this one a miss due to a broken Corrado and I'm going to be out in Bristol for the day,
  9. Just replaced both sensors and no joy, guessing it's an earth problem.
  10. My radiator fan comes on as soon as the ignition is on, would any one hazard a guess and say this is the yellow sensor playing up.
  11. Nice one dude, great result considering how serious it could of been, these cars really do test us at times.
  12. I think the 996 is quite unique and its looks set it apart from the rest, remember seeing the gt3 in red and white and to be frank it's a car that really sticks in my mind on looks alone.
  13. No progress with the wing but have replaced the abs pump and fitted mk4 callipers on the rear, have also hit 600 miles and pushed the engine up to 4k revs and I'm quite impressed by how it pulls, there is a hill on my way home from work and in fifth gear it used to trundle along now it just keeps accelerating.
  14. I did wonder, I have found some repair clips on eBay so will see how they work, only cost a few quid so no real loss if they don't do the job.
  15. Just a small thread resurrection, does any one know the part number for the clip that keeps the linkage arm in place on the wiper motor, one end has popped out and no sign off the clip and I can't find any reference to the part of its part number in any diagrams.
  16. Completely understand where you are coming from if you have had it that's long, how about a turbo? Would be something different and would probably mean a little les fabrication.
  17. would of thought you are better off just buying a vr6 and using the sale of your 2.0 to fund it.
  18. It ain't pretty but at least I can drive it, going to start saving the penny's and keep an eye out for a dragon green wing and door
  19. I have just used one came with the cv joint also, it looks fine to me but only time will tell.
  20. One thing I did a lot was go on partsbase.org to get the part code and just type that in on eBay.de the Germans seem to have lots of Om parts lying about.
  21. I think the ones I used were febi And no issues yet, alot of online stores seem to stock febi so I wouldn't personally worry about using them.
  22. That sucks dude, good luck with the build, go for the newer plastic tensioner and bolt with out the nipple on the end but don't by one of the sets if you do this as the newer set is a single chain and not the double.
  23. Require a drivers door and wing for a VR6 and preferably in Dragon Green Pearl. Ta Ben
  24. Yep the bloody thing was huge, came out of some tree at an angle normally they hesitate but this one showed no fear, strange as it was in day light and I was in a long row of traffic, bounced of the wing and darted back off.
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