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  1. Coming home from work I had a large fallow deer run at me and caused this little mess.
  2. Watching red 2 30:30 into the film and this pops up
  3. Well after rebourbons advice strapped this on today, engine seems a little happier although I do wonder if it's all in my head...now 300 miles, 700 to go.
  4. I discovered having crystal rear lights attracts them like moths, used to get tail gated all the time until I removed them and all the silly bo*****s stopped.
  5. May be able to pop down for a day trip just had two weekends off so another may be pushing it I have to sort out my rota tomorrow so will try and sort something out, I'm now on 270 miles so any excuse to rack a few more up.
  6. I have taken the c out for a trip today and managed to get the oil temp upto 100 just! Have noted each journey the temp has steadily been averaging a lower figure chatting to my dad we are going to put down to new components being a little tight and causing more heat from friction.
  7. Where did you get the work in the throttle body done? I have seen ported ones before but none with the enlarged butterfly.
  8. That's a great result ! I have just Put together near enough to the same combination of parts as yourself, fingers crossed I get some similar results.
  9. Bloody hell Daren! Will have to find another show for a catch up!
  10. Going to post up at some point all the parts I have purchased to get the engine built, has been an interesting learning curve and costs do run away! Have had to source a lot of parts from lots of different places but have found partsbase.org a real useful website for part numbers.
  11. Vw action is a couple of weeks early this year so the weather should be a little warmer than usual, might even try the drag strip out this year if I'm feeling brave, stealth racing is also about 20 miles from Santa pod so may go for a remap the morning before action.
  12. Don't worry Daren it's my first weekend off in 7 months I plan to make the most of it! I will keep an eye on the oil it moved up and down from 102 to 110 so I think there is a couple of different variables with the new block but as long as it doesn't shoot up to silly temps I should be ok.
  13. Had an auto electrician check the car over and replace the earth strap, no other faults were found and the car is now running sweet, the engine is loosening up and the only way I can describe it is that it revs a little more freely the more I use it. Have now clocked up 130 miles and should do another 60 going to Volksfest this weekend, I did notice the oil going up to 110 today which is about 10 higher than the old engine and did make me panic as I have been keeping under 3k revs, but from what I have read it's meant to be quite normal, one factor could be moving from magnatec To synta silver.
  14. A small sigh of relief then, I recently got some Ina tappets from German eBay £70 delivered and the Germans were pretty efficient at getting them to the door.
  15. As always another set back, the earth cable connecting to the battery has corroded almost completely through and started a little fire on the plastic covering, no real damage done though! Just to double check does the battery earth strap go to the gear box or the starter motor mounting point?
  16. Well finally it's passed the MOT today! Already done 50 miles just have another 950 to go to bed the engine in, shouldn't take to long then it's off for a remap.
  17. My front left indicator is out, the wing and rear lights work but the relay clicks like a mentalist to tell me something's up! I have tested the fitting and bulb on the other side and they both work so my only thoughts is that there is an issue with the wiring! Any input on this on anything I might of miss d as I really don't want to have to pull all the wiring out
  18. My unit has a fault and has failed its MOT, i need a unit that is known not to have a fault code. Cheers Ben
  19. Have the MOT Wednesday so fingers crossed have had to buy genuine parts for all the plastic coolant parts, bought a load of top-ran bits but none of it fitted and I ended up with a couple of leaks I think the mould they use are made from some sort of soft cheese!
  20. really not to sure, removed the relays and made sure they were in properly other than that it just started, I did check the fuel pump to rule out the crank sensor, unfortunately now the coolant pipe is leaking so have to wait for a new one to arrive.
  21. Going to check both tomorrow, done a little research and I couldn't really smell any fuel so may be the crank sensor.
  22. The engine is in and all wired up, turned the engine over with out the fuel pump fuse to get oil pressure up and quite pleased with how smooth it all sounds. Next put the fuse back in and fingers crossed but alas nothing! Checked the spark plugs and no spark, gutted going to have a tinker tomorrow but may have to get my garage to bring her to life.
  23. From what I can find the higher amp ones are a little bigger, weighed it up and I'm going for the 120 as that was what my old one was.
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