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  1. ChrisL

    Heater Blower

    My heater blower was only working on speed 4, I have changed the thermal fuse and it is now running on speeds 1 to 3 only. What's happened to speed 4?
  2. Cheers for the replies. The gauge seems to move quite a lot (1 full segment on the gauge usually) even when the needle is above half, this can't be normal surely?
  3. The fuel gauge on my 95 Corrado seems a little unsteady, it seems to drop under acceleration then steadys off when stopped. Has anyone else had this?
  4. Does anybody know where I can get 2 new plastic strips for the roof of my Corrado, they're the ones at the either side where a roof rack would fit (No I don't want to fit a roof rack!!) The rubber inserts have perished a little bit.
  5. ChrisL

    Spoiler question

    Thanks, The cars a 95.
  6. ChrisL

    Spoiler question

    Does anybody know what speed the boot spoiler raises on the Corrado?
  7. ChrisL


    Hi all, I am new to the site wanted to get some opinions. I am looking to buy a vr6 storm, it has high mileage +120K but full service history. Excellent condition but seats need a good clean. What price should I be paying for this any ideas?
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