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  1. Hi, I don't believe enough people come onto the Forum for events anymore to have your thread read. I certainly probably not for 2 years. CCGB and Corrado Chat are both on FB where there seems to be much more activity for events. Caffeine and Machine is just down the road from me. Brilliant venue. I am up for a Corrado meet there and the owner of the place is a big VW fan.
  2. Was mega chuffed today when saw another Corrado. M plate Aqua Blue at snails pace like everyone else on M25. He pulled off to Richmond exit. Freddie I believe. First one I have seen on the road for a long time.
  3. I have managed to get it to print from my Laptop. But them observe I have the 'Display Vehicle Leaflet' but no Ticket !!!!!!!!!!! Really !
  4. Damm, blast, urgh !!! So, I opted to receive my Tickets via email. Fine, the email I receive. Do you think I can get them to Print ??? No !!!!!!!!!! I have tried ! The Printer is working, I just cannot get the PC or Laptop to communicate with it. Anyway............. I am not wasting any more time on this. The only thing I can think to do is to crudely draw out the Car Stickers, putting them on my windscreen, so when I am stopped I can show my email etc on my phone. Any other suggestions ?
  5. Ron - I will check how many Speedlines I have and the condition and get back to you.
  6. FOR CAMPING FOLK plus Parts Wanted Please..... I will take a kettle, gas and stove etc for anyone who wishes to share (it saves others packing everything.) I can also easily pack a selection of plastic/paper plates, cups, cutlery, and will have kitchen towel, bottle openers etc. I would prefer not to take a BBQ, is anyone taking one - that I could share - please., thinking for Sat evening ? I am thinking of arriving mid afternoon Saturday and going to the Show on Sunday, but using the remainder of the day, cleaning my car etc. There are areas that are still very dusty from the respray that I really want to do. If anyone has spare clips ( I would purchase them from you. lol ) It would be really appreciated. I know I need some for the Fuse Box housing. some Screw covers - for in the dash at least and door cards. I also appear to have an area of the rear door card which is not fixed, so guessing this needs another clip ? I have normal spanners and screwdrivers and a light grease spray to hopefully loosen screws at least !!!! Looking forward to meeting new folk and catching up with others, most who I have not seen in ages ! Hope it is Sunny !! B)
  7. My only regret is not having the opportunity to buy some of the cars that have been mentioned so far. !! Some brilliant ones in the list too. Liking the Zodiac,(my Mum had one when I was young), 996 C4, Cortina 1600E, John Player Special Capri and the Manta GTE especially !! I have managed a few good ones, although I don't regret selling them, I would have loved to have been able to keep them. Mk11 Astra GTE, Mk 1 XR2, MGB GT, MK2 GTI 16v - each brilliant in their own way. The GTE and GTI 16v were lots of fun. I do regret not ever being able to afford a TR6 - they were my absolute dream car. I wouldn't buy one now though. My Corrado has always been my TR6 replacement !! lol I have owned my beautiful Aqua Blue Corrado VR6 for 15/16 years now, always knowing I would not sell her - as I would regret it.!! Fortunately I have not needed to for any reasons to date. Fingers crossed it stays that way. More so, as she is nearly back to value I paid for her. Even better. !!lol
  8. Hi all, We depart tomorrow heading North. Lookin g forward to catching up with some of you. Wendy
  9. I am going. My fav show. No CCGB stand sadly. Stonor has opened some VW parking only in the Entrance Fee this year though which is good.
  10. There are a few of us Banbury area too. VR's though !!
  11. That 'Help' Group is right here !!! You are surrounded by them, just most don't think they have a problem !!!!!!!!!! Running for the hills !! lol
  12. I too tried to get a quote from Admiral this year. Their Customer Service at the early stages put me off enough that I did not get as far as the price. !! Young girl on the phone. Shame not really her fault, lack of training. Stayed with Brentacre.
  13. Dave hi, Are you still doing these repair kits. I need one please for the Passenger Door. Thanks Wendy
  14. Banbury, North Oxfordshire
  15. No worries Tan, Thanks for letting me know. Good Luck with the house move
  16. Not my Chuftie, but i was dead chuffed when I saw 3 Corrado's today !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All in Banbury and close by. A Burgundy, a Aqua Blue and a lovely Ice Violet. I was in the 350z typical !!
  17. Everyone - I will be cancelling any of the Excess Rooms I have this weekend, 15th April. I know Billzeebub and TanVR are potentially still reviewing dates and logistics !!! I will need deposits too please. Rumour has it Lilfuzzer is hoping to come out and meet Easypops for the first time !!! Hopefully for a road trip and not just 'loving it' up in a pub/restaurant. !!! lol Hoping to catch up with Coullstar for a day or two and Goldie if he is not underwater !!
  18. Of course, I may need a prompt though !! Last year, I did the whole North Coast 500 over a 8 days (including travel from the Midlands and back )so sightseeing en route on this trip too. Dunnet Head was the first thing that came to my mind right now. For the best Ice Creams I have ever eaten !!! lol This year we will miss out the Cross-country section to Inverness and include more of the Isle of Skye. Otherwise all the 500 route again. The scenery is stunning and roads excellent. This trip is 9 day (inc Travel north and back again). This route away from the 500 route, is very different to the previous year. Looking forward to it. Glad to say, we have one Corrado all trip and a few coming out to meet us, hopefully some to play - I mean have a cruise in the lovely countryside !! lol
  19. Mic - Sorry sooooo late to this party. !! I do note you have taken another role within your current employment - which of course is great if it aids your enjoyment of your work. I find even with working for myself - I carry out a role of Manager in many of my clients places of work. Mainly due to so many running their businesses as a corner shop when they are anything but. I am involved in Hiring and Firing, Reviews, Company Direction etc etc etc.let alone all the Accounting items. The only thing I would say is - Even this gets tiring after a while and the need for change becomes very strong. I have recently reduced my work to 3.5 days a week, so I can follow new ideas where the need is not to earn but to enjoy life and if I earn too than bonus. I am however older than you (sadly) please do review this in a few years though, I am sure in your line of work like me - you do have forecasts and plans for yourself. I strongly wish - I had changed my line of work years ago - but kept being held back - Clients not wanting me to go, offers of more work coming up etc. Another idea as an alternative - would be an Engineer - there is a huge shortage of them not only in the UK but worldwide and it can be lucrative too - especially in the Oil industry. I do hope you find your new ish work/project keeps you interested though.
  20. Martin hi, Thanks for the update. I know the route is near impossible to open on a phone, so email account is better, of whihc I think you need a google account. As this map though is not owned by me but on Dave's account (Toothy) just ask him. It took me a while but I know to see the route detail, you have to untick all the other days to get one day in detail - make sense !!! lol Either way, I will be completing a Text/Written route over the next 2 weeks. Hopefully I have chosen some good routes round your way and............... you get to meet Fuzz finally !!! Wendy
  21. Hi all !! If those showing interest in meeting or joining this group would kindly give me an indication of their plans so I can add them into my planning I would much appreciate it. Cheers Wendy
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