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  2. Hi 

    Is your car still for sale - if so where abouts are you?

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  4. Gave it a quick wash this morning but liked it in twilight out the window so took a pic. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
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  6. Cheers thanks. Shocks are KW coilovers which are stainless steel I believe 👍
  7. Wow that looks nice, but then again your reputation in revamping corrados is well established, Chris. Metallic shocks are a nice and unique touch too. Hasan
  8. It never gets old looking at these parts refreshed and renewed. It just looks so much better and you know after all the hard work you shouldn’t be going back to them very often, just light fettling and cleaning after all that.
  9. More work on the underside done
  10. Thank mate, that's so nice. I did worked my butt off for years, I'm realizing a old dream and wanted to make it right just like the way I envisioned it. It was tough and a big challenge but I wanted to know the car and now I do, well for the most part. I didn't wanted any regrets so I took my time to build it and also to have the budget for every steps. I'm proud to have done it all. Cheers!
  11. Thanks Hasan for the kind words. I did spent a lot of time into small details that probably won't be seen and noticed. But you did see a few! Once fully completed I'll snap a closer picture of the engine bay. I can't wait to drive it! Cheers mate
  12. And dont wait so long b4 posting next time 👍🤣
  13. ABV, you put me to shame mate. Your motor is absolutely awesome. We know high standards when we see them, and your motor exceeds that. Thank you for sharing with us.
  14. looking at this again (second time in two days!) your attention to detail is really incredible, from the alloy light adjusters to the pipe p-clamps and replated nuts and bolts. It will certainly be a pleasure to drive. Wishing you a lot of enjoyment there JF. Hasan
  15. Thank you so much, what a feeling indeed. I just couldn't wrap my head around it, I was in disbelief I think. So special and scary at the same time. I had the fire extinguisher in my hand the whole time ha haa. Cheers!
  16. Thank you very much, without your electrical help I would not be there right now! Cheers
  17. I know Shaun, I've been busy but that's no excuse. You know what tools really helped me? Power brake bleeder, coolant vacuum pump. I've been able to figure out leaks on the brake system without air bubble. And I've been able to detect any leak in the coolant system prior to filling it plus no air pockets. That was key for me before starting it. To be honest I didn't think it would start. I was just like, well I guess it's ready to go so I could try? That was just after filling the coolant. 5 or 6 cranks mate, the sound...sublime. So I'm expecting there's going to be some hick ups at one point though. Already had to change fuel pump relay after a first scan. So I idle for like 20 minutes with some revs, electric fans kicked in perfect, flush the oil and filter. I need to get plates and I'll go for a drive like 50 miles then another flush. I hope all will be good but I'll bring some tools with me ha ha. After that the break-in will be next spring. Cheers!
  18. Mate, these wooded supports are a game changer. Took about 2 hours to make 2 sets and just some lumber and screws, cheap cheap cheap. One full height to work easy under the car, one set half height for like you said when you need to remove a wheel, I can put the jack stand on top of it so it's not all extended. I will also store the car in winter time on the half height to be further away from the humid concrete floor. And they also help to put the car on the taller one, lift the car onto those then to the taller ones so there's no scary business jacking up the car. I chose this color for the inlet because I wanted to match the darker grey on my cover. I really like it and in person you can see a nice speckle in the powder coat.
  19. Looks Sherry to me too. I think the front of both sills could do with a in person look at as well
  20. oneohtwo

    dash speakers

    This is what I have done for the driver's side in the end: I have enlarged the holes in the speaker tabs so the speaker grill tabs slot through them: Second pic shows where they slot though. Had to trim off the ends of one as it doesn't quite align with the tab, but this allows the speaker to sit centrally in the hole. The 4th tab is left untouched as it is well away from anything. Then on the reverse of the speaker I sanded down the speaker tabs so that they were the same height as the spacers on the speaker grill. The speaker then drops into the hole and the cover slots in over it and secures it in place: Not a great picture as it was dark by the time I was able to fit it as had spent all day decorating. Apparently house jobs are more important than Corrado jobs. News to me! Haven't quite got it properly aligned here, but the tabs slotted into place fine and it all works. I'm sure audiophiles won't love it as the speaker isn't very isolated from the surround, but it sounds fine to my ears, and I think it's quite a neat solution. Just need to do the passenger side now.
  21. Absolutely stunning, well done! Lovely feeling when the engine cranks into life first time.
  22. I've enquired about the one on eBay Cressa, I've asked the vendor to confirm the colour, as it looks sherry pearl in the photos.
  23. Oooo now Crashers motor does look the one to have. But this on ebay may be more your colour https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/175421688503?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0&ssspo=_52M7-q6RhC&sssrc=2349624&ssuid=SuQ1hX6ZSQa&var=&widget_ver=artemis&media=COPY
  24. Wow JF that really is some achievement and what a superb result! An absolute credit to your efforts. And as Shaun says it's better than new!
  25. An update a long time coming, but you can see why matey. It looks stunning, better than when it was new and I’m made up for you the engine fire up has gone well, there is so much that can go wrong or be missed. The most impressive thing is you’ve done it all by your self to that standard, be spring before you know it.
  26. Top work JF and eveything is immaculate! Nice colour on the inlet - a little bit different to silver and actaully more oem looking. Loving the wooden supports under each wheel - I have a set of quick jacks which are easy enough to use (with extra timber to spread the load) but gets in the way and otherwise use axle stands, however those wooden supports are safe and not in the way + I guess if you did want to get a wheel off you can just support that corner on an axle stand. Good solution.
  27. So since the last picture, I connected everything. filled oil and coolant for the first time. No leaks. 5 or 6 cranks and it fired up, I was soooo surprised! And the sound that comes out of the exhaust, you can tell it's strong, it's amazing to listen. Flushed the oil after 15 minutes. Filled with break-in oil and in a couple of weeks, I'll go for a first drive. Just a few things to tweak prior. I also adjusted the coilovers, looks so much better. I'll have to go for an alignment too. Super exciting but timing with winter coming up and 1000 miles break-in period, most likely it will be next spring. Cheers!
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