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  2. Hello mate- had an up and down 2-3 years, but thankfully more on the up now! How about you?
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  4. Nice to see you look in, hows life treating you? I can now post again, thanks Toby
  5. First Corrado I have seen in YEARS spotted at Dobbies, Cirencester a few days ago. G758YAE, Purple G60.
  6. I had thought about the National Day but too much going on around that date with work and kids etc
  7. Drove it out 😁 Thanks Matt, it really is satisfying. Seems to me you’ve done plenty. Are you going to the CCGB national day? Be good to check your car out.
  8. Great job, silly question maybe, but did you drive it out or push ?
  9. That is great and satisfying I bet for you to see it back on it's wheels and out of the garage. I remember how I felt last month when I got to the same place, though have not done as much work as you, it just felt like it went and on on axle stands.
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  11. Congrats mate, awesome work....always surreal to see your car outside once its been tucked up for a long while
  12. wow 👏👏👏👏
  13. First time out of the garage since January 2021
  14. Welcome to the sale of an R32 VW Corrado Storm which is up there with the holy grail of Corrado's! This is one of the most well known Corrado’s in the community and was Kip’s pride and joy as he carried out and documented the modifications and upgrades from 2008 - 2014. Please see Kip’s original build thread where he did a full nut and bolt restoration at the same time as fitting the R32 http://the-corrado.net/topic/39989-kipvrs-r32-storm-build/page/2/ The engine is from an Audi TT R3.2 24v which now has approximonly 60,000 miles on it, the car has 145,000 miles on it, but has only done 15k in the last 10 years since the completion of its extensive refurb in 2014. The look of this Corrado Storm is a very OEM using mainly OEM parts and any non-standard parts that were used still keep the OEM look. With the 260bhp 24V engine this car is utterly awesome. When I first drove it Ithought it was a true wolf in sheep's clothing and that is exactly what this car is! I would like to state that the work and attention to detail that Kip carried out is second to none. To quote Kip, he spentmonths getting the difficult wiring in the Corrado really tidy, and creating an engine loom that was plug and play into the standard VR6 fusebox, he also fully protected the loom in conduit like a modern vehicle - this is not a soldered and taped up loom, it's been properly done with a lot of love and care using fusebox connecting pins and waterproof OEM plugs and sockets. See the pic of the loom in thephotos. During the restoration the underside was fully blasted, powered coated, re sprayed and protected. Please see a link to all the photos of the Corrado Storm including restoration photos, comprehensive service history: https://www.flickr.com/gp/183979426@N03/1326g2 Kip drove the car for a year as a daily driver to iron out any problems following the conversion and to make it the car it is today. The entire engine conversion runs extremely well, and looks totally standard to the untrained eye. It had 6 new ignition coils last year, so should be good to go for next few years!! The main list of modifications that were carried out during the restoration include the following:- Engine: 3.2 Audi BHE engine MAF andAirbox. Brakes Front: 323mm Brembos, in Silver. Brakes Rear: 280mm rear brakes. BBS RX 16” wheels with excellent Bridgestone tyres Suspension set-up: Bilstein PSS9 coilover kit with custom damper tune (designed forthe road not track!) Bilstein pss9 suspension can be sent off for a rebuild or re-tune to how you personally like it. Exhaust: Jetex stainless valved exhaust - sounds fantastic when opened up, but standard when cruising. Alcantara Headliner throughout - looks stunning and gives an extra feeling of luxury. Trimmed Centre Console - looks very nice. Newly trimmed steering wheel HID stealth projector bulbs retrofit wired into standard headlights with 6 waterproofminiature relays. Awesome lighting, but subtle as it retains the original headlight. New glass on the headlights. Similar to a Mk2 Golf Rallye headlight but the projector is more subtle. Fuse box on battery to feed headlights and fans (and aux water pump) New Kenwood kdc-bt960DAB head unit with Bluetooth hands free CD/DAB/USB/MP3 and Alexa voice control. USB chargers in place of the cigarette lighter plus USB in the glovebox. Battery voltage meter inside the glovebox to see what the battery is doing. FYI, I keep the battery on a CTEK trickle charge when not in use. OEM electric heated Recaros - fully working and re trimmed in stunning black nappa leather! VW Lupo Wiper Arms. All the electrics on the car are working as they should including the notorious Corrado sunroof and rear spoiler. Chassis is in good solid condition as you’d expect from a fully restored and protected vehicle, the body work is good (not mint) there is the odd little ding but nothing majorly noticeable considering it’s a 30 year old car. Still gets plenty of compliments about its condition. I’ve got the original mystic blue storm grill and the original rear lights to go with the car. The car is located in Preston, Lancashire. I’m in no rush to sell, if it doesn’t go I’d happily keep it! 07738061680 Looking for £12,750 Edited just now by grandyrado
  15. I know there are many posts on this already but technology moves on ... I have a basic Blaupunkt Valencia HU with original dash tweeters, unknown door speakers (one not quite right) and old JBL GTO 6x4's at the rear (one is no good). I just want a better sound but don't want to spend a lot on amps and subs and so on. So a few questions: - do I need rear speakers - there's rarely anyone in the back - can anyone recommend decent 5.25's that will fit with no modification in the doors (I believe the Alpine SXE-1325s can be used?) - is it worth replacing the tweeters for more up-to-date ones If I did would I need one with an inline cross-over? - or alternatively replace with a 4" 2-way speaker (e.g. Alpine SXE-1025s) Thanks
  16. It's a bit of a pain alright - another reason why som upgrade to the later ABS system - this does away with the brake pedal sensor.
  17. For full closure, the Corrado uses a green plastic “thingy” Really not a job for the faint hearted
  18. I got it from some guy on Facebook, don’t think he does them anymore.
  19. Amazing job Chris. Concourse + some more. Where did you get that banner of the corrado in the background... I have space to fill on the wall and that would be perfect.
  20. Did you leave the axle stands underneath ? 🤣 Only kidding on mate, I know you love to sit up high. What a job you’ve done, although it was expected 😎
  21. Back down on wheels and as VW intended.
  22. That does look a great example. Well done with getting that beauty. What bodykit does it have? I think Corrados should have left the factory with sideskirts. Your car does sit well and look great with the wheels. Although they could be a pain to keep clean! Someone has clearly spent a lot of time and money with that car and interior, so I wish you all the best in enjoying it 👍👍
  23. Finally got a face again and a quick before and after
  24. Looks good, what colour is that? Is it being imported or something?
  25. Woah that is tidy! I bet the only Corrado in the world to have such attention to detail on those slam panel parts.
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