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  2. Yes, rpms on clocks once it fires into life. Do you know what wire/ plug in fuse box I can check?
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  4. RPMs on tachometer yet? no crank position to ecu and the pump won’t run beyond priming
  5. So AG definitely does not have an immobiliser? Would the fuel pump prime at all though, if it was an immobiliser issue? I'm going to go through the loom again tomorrow as I think it may he a fuel pump wiring issue...
  6. Saw a beautiful j-plate turning onto the A40 at ickenham this afternoon. Darkish with some interesting non standard alloys. Looked like a g60, but saw it a bit late and was unable to read the badge at the back
  7. I think its just the CP suffix ecus with the built in immobiliser, not AG, although those symptoms you describe are very much immobiliser type issues
  8. Hi, does any know if ecu 021 906 258 AG has an immobiliser? Changed loom today and it fired up, but then cut out. Fuel pump also sometimes primes and then other times primes and stops after about 2 seconds. thanks
  9. Oh god how much is this going to fetch - the ford miracle lol ! At 132 bhp 1.6 turbo makes you realise what a great engine the 16v 139 bhp natural de[;acement was at the time. https://collectingcars.com/for-sale/1987-ford-escort-rs-turbo-1
  10. Rare pre merger = and those seats https://collectingcars.com/for-sale/1991-mercedes-benz-w124-300te-1
  11. Glad to hear that of I ever get one I know where to come ha !
  12. To be able to do the job it was imperative that I was able to deal with Tradition which I have not been able to do since just over half the people who voted said leave…. 🙈. Eventually after jumping through many hoops of fire I have been able to get an account and some of the prices are less than what they were when available directly through VAG UK although the carriage charges are outrageous BUT we had no choice. I have another €500 of parts in my basket but my customer has bought himself another Audi to practice his DIY skills and he may need a few parts for that.
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  14. Yeah, they don't seem to care that the cars that got them to where they are today were the Type 81/85/89 cars - the Ur Quattro, Coupe and 80/90/100s. and the Group B rally era. They have a few in storage that they can roll out for press events and don't give a toss about enthusiasts trying to restore or keep these models on the road. That's they way it was in 2003 when I bought mine, and I hear it's not much better, if even worse, today.
  15. Some of the parts look so expensive- one quote I will never forget as I have been sniffing round the audi pages for a while as a luker was " Audi Tradition simply dont want us to own them " .
  16. We are just about to start a full front to back mechanical restoration of a 95 S2 Avant, getting all the parts together has been a trial and test of patience.
  17. Yes they are ceratainly a well proportioned car- I think what tainted the model was that the s2 was mega expensive- the later V6 2.6 and 2.8 were very low powered with poor mpg - the very early kv and more powerful 7a would certainly be my pick . Look at this absolue beauty - its not a wide body but been through ABT hands. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tAJ3oNYbPQ8
  18. KV engine code - naturally aspirated inline 5, 2226cc as far as I remember. Not the fasted but still 0-60 near enough 8 secs, and with the quattro drivetrain it was always quick off the line and sure footed in the corners! The I5 engines were silky smooth, with oodles of torque - an absolute pleasure to drive, whether fast or cruising - I've never driven any other car where I like the engine as much.
  19. Its actually this car I spotted- I ran into 2 years back at a leisure centre and had my eye on it a couple years - very rare car now the 7A quattro. Bottom picture is a dream car for me the extremely rare ABT widebody. - only a couple on the UK- one been a saturn white one.
  20. This car Ive seen a couple of times- it realyy is a hell of a cool car- looked at t Was yours the 5 cylinder 7A - think they were about 178 bhp - they did another 2.2 which was about 148 bhp I think.
  21. Any photos? Must have been fantastic to own. A friend had one back in the late 80s - we used to go for a blast at lunchtime: 6th form perks!
  22. Audi seem to be poorest for classic car parts with VW slightly better but way behind Porsche , Mercedes and BMW
  23. I had an 1987 Coupe Quattro until about 10 years ago - parts were impossible to fine, even worse than the Corrado. There were only about 700 or so made in RHD, so a rare car.
  24. Red Audi 80 7a drove past me today - looked absolutely stunning - would dread to think how hard the parts are to get as Audi tradition do not ship to the UK.
  25. Ha ha - on the last page you need to squint to make out the winner at the bottom! Although you can figure it out from the rest - the only thing I thought is that they had made their mind up already based on the beginning requirements and had picked some cars that were obviously not going to fit the bill. There's a clear preference for open-top two seaters expressed, and they would easily have found a few more in that category - if the Mazda had been in it it would have won.
  26. There's a little icon on the top right side when you click the picture. I just liked it as is a different perspective to normal peer reviews. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  27. James at Corrado graveyard should have one available.
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