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  1. what seal did you order? I need to do the same
  2. Following. Alot of work done well, top job
  3. This weekends fun, setup the ride height as it was to low at the front and high at the rear, now sits more level, also set the camber with one of those bubble gauge tools so the fronts are now at Neg 1.25° but the rears are at Neg 2.25° And after going to an F3 team the other week and watching them set their tracking using rods and string I set the tracking, not to hard as it needed to be 0 which was quite easy to work out 🙂 Also did some more flatting of the paint on the wing, had to get rid of the runs that were staring at me while doing the suspension Then thought I'd have a go at some carbon skinning of the rear plate plinth, started with this Because I have removed the lock for an electric boot pop. I filled the lock hole My goal was to get something with a finish like this but what I ended up with was this 😞 wasn't good Luckily my work has a carbon shop and I sent the pic to one of the guys who has taken pity on me and will do it for me next week 🙂 Fitted the wipers to be sure they fit and work ok and cut up the SWG scuttle so it fits the larger mk5 Golf wiper motor Then, rather than waste all that carbon, I did use some of it to stick back together the scuttle panel And to finish up the weekend, I started the gearshift surround. It needs to sit higher due to the size of the DSG shifter. Now have the height about right so need to glass the 2 parts together and make them look nice
  4. They are very nice but retail of 700€ 😪
  5. And just because I can, I roughly fitted and wired in the light and rain sensor, that will be for the auto lights and wipers I thought this would be ok but I think I need to get the proper screen bracket and have a surround 3D printed
  6. The screen is capable of alot more and will be used to show other stuff as well, its a GEMS screen that I had from an old steering wheel project we used for work many years ago https://gems.co.uk/products/displays/lds4/ The same LCD and software is used by McLaren Applied for the PCU 8D in the current F1 cars The graphics are not great, and this is an old version so there have been improvements but its not my main screen so it will do I also have a McLaren PCU 6D that I had seriously thought about having put into the top of the steering wheel, but I have the shift lights on the MoTeC dash already so its just sat in the garage at the moment https://www.mclarenelectronics.com/Content/Products/PCU-6D/PCU-6D.pdf
  7. The rubber was bought from ebay many years ago, but it has been laid flat for about a year rather than leaving it in the tube folded up, I was warned that they can look bad if the rubber is out of shape from being folded
  8. Few updates Bought a facia for the centre gauges to make it look better, its 3d printed Glued the LCD mount to the back Filling the face to make it smoother Click on picture below to se the video Video Sprayed the bonnet, needs some flatting now Then fitted this centre visor and today, the screen got fitted Still waiting for the DVLA to update my V5, only been 9 weeks so far, when I called they said it may take another 3 weeks which is a shame as I wanted to take it to VW Whitenoise 😞
  9. Where can you get the under bonnet sound proof foam that looks like the original I have checked the heritage stuff and it doesn't look the same, while looking, I've also noticed that it is cheaper to buy the heritage sound proofing of their ebay shop that comes with free delivery, than going to their site and using a discount code but having to pay delivery, I thought the idea of a discount code was clubs could get better deals not have to pay more than joe blogs buying of ebay, moan over.
  10. all dashes are made so there is a range either side of 90 that only shows as 90 to stop people worrying
  11. These are more for show although they will help a bit with cooing,
  12. You must be talking about oil temps 90° seems about right for oil on motorway, same as the water, I've never owned a VR so could be wrong but my old G60 would get higher on motorways and my turbo cars sit around 90-100 I did fit an oil cooler to the 1.8T when it was on the road and the oil temp stayed lower by 20° which is not great for the engine
  13. I never noticed they had that rubber for the boot popper, checked mine and it is there but quite flattened 😄
  14. Some mods to the bonnet this weekend, have gone for some RS turbo vents started by making the position and cutting a hold Sunk in the metalwork Tack welding into place Welds ground back Then some filling
  15. Thanks Sean, that's what I would be worried about if removing is the answer worst case I'll modify some with the soft fabric designs they use these days 🙂
  16. You're assuming the rest is standard, you haven't seen my build have you 🤣 the wheels do sit further out than standard
  17. Mine are 205/40/17 To be honest I'll need to check if the Koni's have both bump and rebound, I bought them quite some time ago I wasn't sure if people did remove the liners because it seems a bit risky to get all the dirt and water up there
  18. I have Koni coilovers so will be playing with adjustment, The rear is sitting 20mm higher than the front so I plan to go up 10 on the front and down 10 on the rear but the camber on the front is quite bad with the top in a long way so I am concerned that when the camber is sorted it will be back to the same situation even though its not very low. It does have spacers to clear the Brembo's as well
  19. GrahamU

    Wiring amp

    I would run the remote wire from the radio to the amp through a relay, the relay could be switched by fuel pump supply like Dox suggested, you could then put a manual over ride on the amp side of the relay in case you needed it. That would keep the circuits separate in case of any interference from the 2 pump motors
  20. Dropped my car on the floor at the weekend, first time with wings and arch liners in for many years, when I drove it I noticed the tyres scrape the liners and its not that low, So what do people do with the liner when they drop them right down?
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