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  1. Having seen people spending money on failed glues from car accesory shops I went to the local windscreen fitting place and asked one of the fitters if he could glue it on. He obliged and wanted no payment. I gave him a fiver and the mirror was still on the car when I sold it. I don't really know of anyone who has had lasting success with store bought adhesives.
  2. Happy New Year, May fortune favour your footsteps.
  3. Ooops, my bad. I blame my advancing years.
  4. I use Waze, free from the App store on Android. It has the advantage hat it is updated constantly by its users and I have recieved warnings down to "large pothole in inside lane" in addition to the usual road closures and slow traffic.
  5. Still alive and look into the forum during my morning news browse each morning. Had the opportunity to get a 2.0 litre recently but reluctantly decided against it as it needs to be a reliable daily and getting parts and problem solving didn't make it a viable option plus she who thinks she is obeyed thinks I should be sensible and make use of my bus pass.
  6. Insides of a Yale lock, knew I'd seen it before
  7. Looks like the internals of a Yale type lock.
  8. get one of those little water balloons that the kids chuck about and fill it with light grease. Put the end of the cable into the balloon and secure it tightly with a couple of cable ties and gently squeeze it while moving the cable back and forth.
  9. Happy new year everyone. May all your dreams come true.
  10. Conspicuous by their absence, three cheers for Aldi's thick bleach. Unfortunately the only Corrado things I have now are the sacred oil stain on the drive and a drivers side door lock screw. Look in here most days just to follow what's happening.
  11. Still look on the forum most days and still have the urge to buy another Corrado. Wish I'd never got rid of it.
  12. Merry Christmas to everyone. Have a grand and glorious day filled with turkey or suchlike followed by several glasses of your favourite tipple. Do all the usual stuff and try some new stuff. Most importantly, enjoy yourselves with friends and family. MERRY CHRISTMAS ONE AND ALL
  13. I ran my 1.8 16v as a daily for 17 years doing about 250,000 miles in it. It is my view that a car should be used, laying them up for most of the year doesn't do them any good. I did have my own personal quirks with it, one of which was when I replaced the timing belt I would also drop the sump and replace the big end shells and main bearings at the same time, other consumables would also be replaced on a regular basis. The main reason for passing on the car was the difficulty of finding parts. In the time I had it, it only let me down twice, both of which were repairable by myself at the roadside. I still miss it terribly.
  14. Been Corrado-less for a few years now but I look in here every day as part of my morning coffee routine. (Staying away from the classifieds though, too much temptation.) This is a great forum with wonderful members whose assistance to me was invaluable, particularly on a couple of occasions when I was ready to break the car. Even on non Corrado problems including the infamous ant infestation. Long may it continue.
  15. Apologies if I'm teaching granny to suck eggs, but have you wound the pistons in the calipers fully back?
  16. One of the most useful tools I made was a strip of 1/4 in steel with a series of holes about 3 inches apart which were big enough for the wheel brace handle to fit through and a 4 inch bit of angle iron welded on as a base. Used it to support the wheelbrace to stop it slipping off the bolts when trying to undo tight wheelnuts. Place it next to the wheel, select the nearest hole and you can apply a lot more force to undo. It unfortunately ended up in someone elses boot after we undid a really stubborn wheel. I now keep an old scissor jack in the boot to use in a similar way.
  17. 1959 Mini bought in 1969 for £50. ran it to death over the next five years till the big ends went. I sold it for £100 to a motorsport garage as the early bodyshells were a thinner steel and lighter than the later ones. In the spirit of the time rather than repaint the scratched door I covered the sides with tartan wallpaper..
  18. I haven't had a Corrado for while now but still come on here every day for a nosy around. The knowledge here goes without question and the response times are amazing with a reply to a query usually appearing in double quick time. Face book is a social media platform and is not really suitable for a serious forum and even I get fed up with pics of cute kittens. I hope this forum keeps going and maybe one day I'll take the plunge and get myself another of the wonderful wee beasties that is the Corrado.
  19. I have an older Renault and while pretty reliable the electrics are fragile and home repairs are frelling awkward. Access is difficult and most tasks take ages due to the location and access problems, not including mad construction techniques. Noticed a small leak from the rocker cover and discovered that the camshaft bearings are built into the cover meaning you have to remove the timing belt and from there on it just got worse. Garage cost would have been in the region of £550/£600. Other jobs are just as awkward, took me 20 minutes to find the starter motor. For it's age though it's pretty good on petrol.
  20. It looks similar to this. On mine it was mounted on a metal bracket which in turn was bolted to the front offside corner bolt of the rocker cover.
  21. On the 1.8 16v there is a fan run on sensor on the front offside of the cylinder head. Looks like a brass nut on a bracket with a brown wire. If this goes faulty the fan will run continuously. Disconnecting it should stop the fan. This link migt help with the vacuum hoses http://the-corrado.net/showthread.php?88501-1-8-16V-Vacuum-Diagram-Please&p=1044719#post1044719
  22. Wullie

    Kr sensors

    The one on the back of the head is for oil temp I believe. There should be 3 on the side of the head all to do water temperature but for the life of me I can't remember exactly what they are for. they are all to do with coolant temp and are the same sensor. I do remember switching the terminals around to find out which one was faulty, that was for the temp gauge on the dash. Sorry I can't be of more help.
  23. Thanks guys, it's the level adjuster. Sorted.
  24. Hope someone may be able to assist with this weird one. When you switch on the headlight on Grandsons 55 plate Polo 9n there is a buzzing from the light unit which sounds like a relay. You can feel a vibration through the unit. I have had a look around but can't see anything obvious. Is there a relay inside the unit and if so can it be replaced.
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