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  1. Do these count as collectibles? Love doing them but can’t afford the next kit sizes up from the Bugatti 😟
  2. Some great pictures there. Really like the twin exhaust on the G60. I’ve been wanting to do something like that on my VR for years.
  3. Strange, I’ve been using the mobile site from my phone without issues. I’m in an iPhone rather than android, not sure if that makes any difference.
  4. I’ve got those ones with my 16” speed lines and really like the look.
  5. where exactly is the split, could be weldable without taking it off the car? Which was what was possible when mine split by the joint.
  6. You could get the split welded up. That should be cheaper than replacing it.
  7. I donate, and have no problem continuing with that. The forced payment could be tricky though. Fine if the forum wants to keep going with only the members it has now, but getting new joiners could be problematic. As mentioned by someone else, people are unlikely to pay for something that they cannot see and tell is worth while first. Tapatalk was important for me, not just because of the picture uploading (although that was very helpful), but it kept all the forums I participate on in one place. It’s definitely reduced my visits since that broke. Admittedly, I don’t have a huge post count, but I try to chirp in where I can.
  8. I’ll try and grab a look at mine tomorrow to see if there are any values on it. It can’t be that special, as wire wound resistors are readily available and with any luck a match could be found i.e. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F382420309431 But with whatever the spec it is that is needed.
  9. Where did the coolant come from when it emptied on the floor?
  10. The resistor is part of the traction control stuff I believe. The “L” shape bracket (with a hole in each leg) you can see next to it holds it onto the abs pump. It pulls off easily enough, by just prying up one side of that bracket slightly.
  11. Pretty cool. Although I don’t think black (or any very dark colour) does it any favours, kinda hides the flared wings too much.
  12. That is correct for the problems I had. No issues whatsoever with the key/barrel.
  13. When mine went, it started off where occasionally I’d turn the key and it wouldn’t crank. A couple of back and forths between position 0 and starter and it would then suddenly kick into action. Eventually it got to the point it wouldn’t crank at all. It was the black bit at the back of the barrel. Big screwdriver persuaded it out when I couldn’t get the little retainer screw out. Clipped in fine without the screw, so if I had to do it again it’d be a much quicker job.
  14. Jacking up both sides is essential if you are doing anything with the anti roll bar. You don’t want the twist in it when undoing anything, broken bones likely.
  15. Tigerfish

    Speedline 16"

    I got my 16” Speedlines from Tomi on this forum. Maybe he has some more?
  16. I’d agree with checking out the ignition switch. When mine went, it gave various intermittent issues before giving up the ghost altogether.
  17. I have issues with mine in freezing overnight conditions where the handbrake doesn't release properly. Maybe water/condensation in one of the cables freezing. Could it have been something like that?
  18. you could try the stuff motorcyclists put on the inside of their visors.
  19. I've got my short shift stick, It has the bush on it although it is black, rather than the yellowy one in the pic in your post. Would that do for dimensions? [ATTACH=CONFIG]95235[/ATTACH]
  20. The description on the page says it does away with the FCM (fan control module).
  21. Is there a minimum size of the part? The bit on the sunroof runner that breaks would be handy if available.
  22. Any update on this? I may not be the most active member, but I’m even less active due to this 😟
  23. I can’t seem to get the pic up on the link?
  24. Black Corrado north bound M1 Leicester Forest East yesterday. Probably around 4pm. Looked very nice. Tried to wave but bearded guy wouldn’t look over, so gave up and shot off. Wasn’t in my rado unfortunately.
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